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My hand-made seal (직접 만든 도장)

April 7, 2017


I finally have my own seal (도장)! And I made it myself. It was a lot easier than I thought.  But it required a lot of patience and concentration while carving my name. Roughly two hours later, I had something to sign my postcards and letters and what-not with. And in my real Hangeul (한글) […]

Featured on Korea.Net: Five Reasons Why I Love Conferences in Korea

August 6, 2016


Here’s a link to an article I wrote for Korea.Net on 5 reasons why I love going to conferences in Korea. It’s an old one–published in 2015. But I am putting it in  my blog as a record of my web publication. And here’s the PDF version in case it disappears from cyberspace: Korea Blog_Five Reasons […]

My face is at the front page of Korea.Net, Korea’s government website–Oh, and my article, too! =)

December 30, 2014


I’m not sure if this will be the first and last time that I’ll see my face on a Korean government website such as Korea.Net, so I made sure to grab a screen shot of it. You know, for posterity’s sake. Who was it that said that in the future (and that future is NOW), […]

Michelle Camille Correa, M.A.

March 4, 2012


Michelle Camille Correa, M.A. Not that I'll be flaunting my academic credentials by signing my name like that from now on. It's just too strange, since I'm not even a professor of any sort. I'm just a communication practitioner who wanted to improve her craft through further studies. At any rate, I'm writing this blog post just to share that yeah, I'm finally graduating with a degree in MA Communication this year.

Worldwide Korea Blogger

January 7, 2012


Shortly before 2011 ended, I learned that I am beginning a new journey as a blogger and netizen. I’ve been blogging since 2003 and my online presence has undergone various reincarnations (i.e., I’ve had different blog sites, used various SNS, opened and closed accounts online, etc.). And now, I’ll be blogging about something I love–Asia. […]

Independent Study 0_o

November 23, 2011


The Chair of the Communication Department  finally emailed feedback regarding my proposed Independent Study topic/s. Both of my proposed topics were approved. So I had to choose one. And I did.  I can’t tell you yet what my research is all about since I still need to consult with the adviser who will be assigned to me when I […]