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Lesson learned: Sometimes, courage comes from knowledge

February 6, 2011


Last Friday, Ateneo de Manila University held a noise barrage in support of  “truth hero” (or whistle blower) Heidi Mendoza. I got the text alert from a colleague early morning. Late morning, my boss came to our workstation and told us to assist media people during the afternoon’s noise barrage because she won’t be there. […]

Our Ateneo Twitter account is an official news source…Yey!

January 16, 2011


While browsing through Ateneo-related news on Google Alerts this morning, I found this article at GMANews.TV about the release of the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) results. What made me jump for joy was that it cited the official Ateneo de Manila Twitter account, which I manage, as its main news source. Ateneo entrance results […]

Al Jazeera and their resource persons for news analysis

January 11, 2011


I was watching Al Jazeera the other day, amazed, as usual, at the quality of their news analysis. I love hearing their resource persons speak on current issues. They help me deepen my understanding of issues, and they help me connect their ideas to my own. Often, these resource persons come from the academe and […]

On getting the word out

July 4, 2010


Between getting the word out for the sake of getting the word out VERSUS getting the word out to inform and to inject a concrete call to action, it obviously makes more sense to go with the latter. Getting the word out for the sake of getting the word out merely “trumpets” what your company […]

Publicity vs. overall strategic communications

July 2, 2010


“It’s not about ‘publicity,’ it’s about overall strategic communications.” Read more: *** If the goal is to increase enrollments in a certain educational institution, then the approach should not just be to place an advertisement or a supplement in a leading newspaper, right? You can’t really expect to have a marked increase in enrollments just […]