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Currently Learning: Bahasa Indonesian A1+

November 25, 2018


The second phase of my Indonesian language learning began last 6 November 2018. Thanks to the Indonesian Embassy in the Philippines and the Ateneo Center for Asian Studies, I am able to continue learning Bahasa Indonesia for free. (And this is also why I love working in a university….even at a part-time teaching arrangement, hihihi.)  […]

Highly Recommended: HelloTalk app for language learning

September 2, 2018


I’ve only been using HelloTalk for around 2 weeks, but I have already learned so much from Korean native speakers! And as a native Filipino speaker, I have also helped Koreans who wish to learn the Filipino language. In particular: How to say things naturally.  Although Koreans can understand what I mean, my sentences and […]

On replacing Memrise with HelloTalk

August 19, 2018


I don’t know what’s happening with Memrise, but I am unable to use it because the app prompts me to pay for subscription whenever I open it. This has been happening for days. Although I review the Korean stuff I learned in Korea through my books and notes, I like learning more vocabulary with Memrise. […]

진짜 빡빡한 일정

August 2, 2017


This is our class schedule for this week and the next. And more activities may be added. Korea has so many surprises, you know. Haha. But I’m not complaining. I’m happy to be living and learning here–and on a prestigious scholarship, too!

A trip to the ASEAN-Korea Centre in Seoul

July 17, 2017


Wednesday last week my friends and I went to the ASEAN-Korea Centre. The number of books on ASEAN and Korea surprised me. Here’s something that caught my eye: 동남 아시아사: 전통 시대. I’m guessing it’s about Asian civilization in ancient times.  It caught my eye because I’m interested in old ways of living. When I […]

Now I need Korean subtitles 

July 9, 2017


One of my many goals for learning Korean is to be able to watch Korean films and TV dramas without English subtitles.  Thanks to my intensive Korean classes at Yonsei University plus the Wednesday weekly Korean film screenings at school,  I am definitely on my way there.   But I realized something else.  Sometimes,  I […]

I started my last semester in Yonsei University’s Korean Language Institute 

June 10, 2017


Yesterday was the beginning of the end of my stay in Korea as a Korea Foundation Korean Language Training Fellowship recipient.   I started learning Korean language level 2 last September 2016 during the fall semester.  From there,  I progressed to level 3 in winter,  level 4 in spring 2017,  and now level 5 in […]