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The Koreanist who is also a Southeast Asianist: On being a paper presenter at the Bridges to Southeast Asia Workshop in Ateneo de Manila University

March 29, 2015


Being called a Southeast Asianist at the workshop called “Bridges to Southeast Asia: Perspectives from the Ateneo” sent music to my ears. Although I studied Korean Studies and identify as a Koreanist, being a Southeast Asian person who is concerned about Southeast Asian issues makes me interested in Southeast Asia, as well. Moreover, since my […]

Michelle Camille Correa, M.A.

March 4, 2012


Michelle Camille Correa, M.A. Not that I'll be flaunting my academic credentials by signing my name like that from now on. It's just too strange, since I'm not even a professor of any sort. I'm just a communication practitioner who wanted to improve her craft through further studies. At any rate, I'm writing this blog post just to share that yeah, I'm finally graduating with a degree in MA Communication this year.

Comprehensive Exams, Sept. 3 & 10

August 7, 2011


So…grad students taking the comprehensive exams had a briefing a few weeks ago. Judgement Day Comprehensive exams will be on September 3 and 10. That’s two Saturdays of torture fun! September 3 is for the written exam. Around 7-10 questions will be given. From these, we have to choose 4. Each question is equivalent to […]

The original form of my Rizal exhibit press release

July 11, 2011


I found the original form of my Rizal exhibit press release at the Manila Bulletin website.

Byline, byline everywhere! (Part 2: Philippine Star)

July 4, 2011


I found two of my works at Philippine Star yesterday. Both were press releases for Ateneo de Manila. The first was my coverage of the Wimax donation of Ionics EMS to the School of Science and Engineering (SOSE). I liked writing this particular press release because anything SOSE-related is bound to have some social impact […]

Stuff I’m working on at the office

May 15, 2011


It’s amazing how I can manage to work on multiple projects while: Studying for my comprehensive exams in grad school Reviewing what little Mandarin and Nihongo I know Squeezing in some vacation time (It’s Bohol and Singapore for me this summer!) Indulging in some serious Asian drama marathons Shopping and bonding with my sis Planning […]


April 17, 2011


Congratulations is still not in order, grad school-wise, but I’d like to believe I’m getting there. I’m done with all my coursework, albeit with a couple of “wrinkles” I failed to manage to iron out into an A…or even an A-. But at least I passed those two “wrinkles” and didn’t have to repeat them–classes […]