A trip to the ASEAN-Korea Centre in Seoul

Posted on July 17, 2017


Wednesday last week my friends and I went to the ASEAN-Korea Centre. The number of books on ASEAN and Korea surprised me.

Here’s something that caught my eye: 동남 아시아사: 전통 시대. I’m guessing it’s about Asian civilization in ancient times.  It caught my eye because I’m interested in old ways of living. When I was studying in Thailand,  I enjoyed going to museums with my Thai friends as they proudly talked about their ancient kings and heritage.  In the Philippines,  I enjoy looking at old houses and learning about Filipino ways of cooking and eating.  In Korea,  I am drawn to  both the Joseon and the Three Kingdoms periods, hence,  my love for sageuk (Korean historical drama) and museums.

I brought home some books to read for free.  It’s in Korean, though,  so it will take me quite some time to read it.

I was glad to have finally visited the place since I was also a weblog correspondent for the ASEAN-Korea Centre blog from 2012 to 2013. I hope I can be part of this organization in the future,  be it for writing,  research, or participating in programs and events.