Now I need Korean subtitles 

Posted on July 9, 2017


One of my many goals for learning Korean is to be able to watch Korean films and TV dramas without English subtitles.  Thanks to my intensive Korean classes at Yonsei University plus the Wednesday weekly Korean film screenings at school,  I am definitely on my way there.  

But I realized something else.  Sometimes,  I have a hard time understanding the accent and pronunciation of Korean characters in the films I watch.  Hence,  I need Korean subtitles.  It helps me make sense of scenes and dialog.  I will turn on the Korean subtitle function from now on.  

Yesterday,  I successfully watched Hong Sang Soo’s “Right Now,  Wrong Then” ( 지금은맞고그때는틀리다) because of this.  

Today I tried watching “The Villainess” (악녀) without Korean subtitles but it was hard.