69th Societas Koreana Lecture Meeting

Posted on July 1, 2017


Since Korea Foundation (KF) invited us KF fellows to the 69th Societas Koreana Lecture Meeting and I had some free time, I decided to come with my friend and co-fellow Ummul from Indonesia.  

The lecture, titled “Embodied Archives  of Authenticity: Age and Performance in the Korean Context”, was delivered by Dr.  CedarBough T.  Seiji from University of Columbia. Dr. Seiji talked about (according to my understanding of it,  at least!) how elder dance performers/ artists are still “required” to perform on stage in the name of cultural heritage preservation. This was perpetuated by the system established during the Park Chung Hee era and still continues today.  From my understanding, this is motivated not only by the desire for cultural preservation by the government but for economic survival and subsistence of performers and artists,  as well.  Furthermore,  this system is the way in which performers and artists gain prestige in the arts field.  

Dr.  Seiji delivered the lecture in an attention-grabbing, fun,  and informal manner that this subject, which I had fleeting interest in previously,  sparked me to remember previous performances I’ve seen and review them in my mind. I enjoyed it a lot and would attend similar lectures again in the future.