Film Notes on Sri Lankan Film “Dirty, Yellow Darkness”

Posted on June 26, 2017


1. Sri Lankan film “Dirty, Yellow Darkness” is based from a true story about a man who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and how he overcomes it. The protagonist is afraid of his own urine contaminating the space around him.  This behavior alienates his wife and their marriage breaks down. The protagonist decides to sign himself up at a mental hospital,  hoping to save himself and his marriage.  The journey to his wellness leads him back to his wife, his sole inspiration for getting better.  The journey is touching and wonderfully told.  We root for the protagonist and we fall in love with the couple.  Trite as this may seem,  the film indeed says love conquers all.

2. However, I may have missed it,  but my question is “Why?” Why does he suffer from this disorder?  If it is psychological as the film makes it appear to be,  what life event led him to OCD?  The film mentions that it has always been with the protagonist,  but got worse after his marriage. Why?  I appreciated the romantic angle between the couple  but I would appreciate the film more if it delved into this question, as well.

3. On another note,  thanks to the Korea Foundation and the Sri Lanka Embassy in Seoul,  I got to watch this film for free at CGV Myeongdong Cine Library as part if the Sri Lanka Film Festival. Sri Lankan film is not in my everyday consciousness,  but opportunities like this make me remember that there are great films other than my usual Korean ones.