International Seminar Presentation: Glocalization of Korean Food in the Philippines 

Posted on June 6, 2017


I’ve been wanting to start doing research on Korean food in the Philippines, so when the opportunity presented itself,  I grabbed it.  

Thanks to University of Seoul’s Professor Song Jung Eun who invited me,  I was able to present my paper titled “Glocalization of Korean Food in the Philippines” at the International Seminar on Glocalizing Dynamics and Cultural Heritage in Asia. The international seminar was held on 2 June 2017 at the University of Seoul in Korea.  

The discussants gave me good points to ponder in refining my paper. The comments and feedback also pointed me to future directions to consider in the development of Korean food in the Philippines.  

The international seminar also enabled me to touch base with international researchers and professors in diverse fields.  

Moreover,  I realized two things:

  • It is possible to conduct quality research despite not having a PhD (yet). Follow basic research methods and get clear insight and you’ll be fine.  A PhD does not guarantee a good paper. A properly conducted research does.  
  • Strong writing must be coupled with good spoken delivery.  In this superficial world, intelligence is manifested through stance,  voice,  and strong impression. Confidence – or a convincing semblance of it – makes a difference.