Multicultural Family’s Election Experience ​(다문화가족 선거이야기)

Posted on April 12, 2017


For research purposes,  I went to the Seoul Global Cultural Center’s hour-long talk on the Multicultural Family’s Election Experience (다문화가족 선거이야기). I was hoping to get a glimpse of how the Korean government puts forward it’s multicultural agenda,  and whether,  as various research works assert, Korea’s multicultural project is just “assimilation”. 
I thought that the audience will be varied but most attendees were people from foreign origins who are now married to Koreans.  They can speak Korean well and were able to follow the Korean lecture well.  As for me,  I had to consult my Naver dictionary every now and then.  

I expected the lecture to deliver information on the following,  as per the Center’s Facebook announcement:

– 다문화가족의 현황과 이해 Understanding of Multicultural Family

– 민주주의와 선거제도 Democracy and Election system

– 다문화가족의 선거참여 Multicultural Family’s participation in election

However,  the multicultural family was not explained at all. I’m guessing it’s because most attendees are already familiar with the concept.  But still,  it would have been good to hear what the government says about it,  to add to what I have already read from journals and books. 

Democracy was not touched on much,  and the election process was explained in a simple manner.  It was almost like reading information made for kids.  

At the end of the talk,  participants had a chance to simulate the election voting process.  

All in all,  the talk was not what I expected.  I was hoping for more information that would give more clues on how the government really approaches and treats multiculturalism. But then again,  the seemingly insufficient information MAY indicate something important.  What it wants spoken may be somewhere in the silence.  

P. S.  Pictured above is a booklet on the election process in severeal languages like Korean,  English,  Chinese,  and Vietnamese. I also got a free tumbler.  Yay.