Notes on the Korean movie Radio Star (라디오 스타) 

Posted on April 2, 2017


Yesterday I watched an old Korean movie (circa 2006!) called Radio Star at the Seoul Global Cultural Center in Myeongdong. If I haven’t told you that I’m been living in Korea for the past 7,8 months,  well,  now I’m telling you.  I’m studying Korean language at Yonsei University as a Korea Foundation fellow/ scholar.  But more of that at a later post.  

What the movie is about: Aging rockstar transitioning to his makeover as a DJ, with the help of his longtime friend who’s also his manager.  The catch: The DJ job is not in  Seoul, but in a quaint,  almost backward town far,  far away from the glitz of Seoul.  

What I liked about it: Bromance, Korea-style,  at its best.  Definitely brought some good laughs. 

What I disliked about it: I have to admit that I felt a bit distracted with the ahjussi’s wrinkles.  It’s an old movie so I guess it didn’t matter during that time.  But as a foreign Korean film fan who got used to seeing good actors with youthful flower boy looks,  it was a bit strange for me.  But I managed to get past it as I got deep into the story.  

Seoul Global Cultural Center: The Facebook announcement said that there are English subtitles.  But I guess the staff forgot to turn it on.  Good thing my Korean was serviceable enough to make sense of around 60 to 70 percent of it.  But I pity some foreign audiences who were clueless.