Consolation (A poem)

Posted on August 6, 2016


It seems that my poem–one that I wrote long ago for a poetry anthology of young Filipino writers (back when I was, well, young)–appeared in a local web publication based in Baguio, Philippines. I just found out about this when I googled myself a while ago.

Here’s a screenshot of the article:

Consolation poem at Baguio Midland Courier 19 Oct 2014

And here’s a screenshot of my poem, which originally appeared in the poetry anthology Crowns and Oranges. Glad to know someone, and a columnist at that, appreciates it.

Consolation poem at Baguio Midland Courier 19 Oct 2014 2

I almost forgot that I wrote this in the late 2000s. I also almost forgot that I was once a voracious writer of poetry. Googling myself made me remember. In a way, Google has become some sort of extension of my mind and my memories. So Marshall McLuhan is right–these technologies we have function as an extension of our bodies and our senses.

Anyway, here’s the link to the article: Web post with my poem in it!

And I saved a PDF version in case the article gets wiped off the internet: PDF.