A breather from Korean cinema

Posted on March 23, 2014


Film director and lead actor discussing the film

Film director and lead actor discussing the film

Tonight I took a breather from thesis writing (and consequently, Korean cinema) by watching a Sri Lankan film called “Between Two Worlds” at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

The film was a stark contrast to the Korean films I’ve been immersing myself into. What’s special about Korean films, especially for me, is how it skillfully tells a story with its clever twists and turns. You’d think it has no logic, but when you reach the end, all things will be tied neatly together, and the logic you’ve been looking for will be there. I always find that beautiful.

But this Sri Lankan film is something else. It made no narrative sense. It was like watching a dream. The character would flit in and out of situations and groups of people. You take bits and pieces of what other characters have said to make sense of what other characters are doing and saying. It hinges on feeling frustrating, this search for logic. And yet, it was compelling enough for you to see it through its end. The long shots were a visual feast, allowing you a glimpse into the Sri Lanka that you have yet to know. It was beautiful. And it’s proof that beautiful things don’t always have to be logical.