“Multicultural” Korea in Koreans’ Eyes

Posted on May 30, 2013


Yesterday, my day started early by attending National Assembly Rep. Jasmin Lee’s talk on Female Immigrants and “Multicultural Korea” at Ehwa Women’s University. Because I am interested in this kind of lecture, and SNU hasn’t offered anything of this sort thus far, I think I’m in the wrong school — Haha, KIDDING!


Rep. Jasmin Lee said that Koreans’ understanding of the term “multicultural Korea” is different from most people’s conventional understanding of the term. For Koreans, “multicultural” means the people on the fringes of society– minority groups. Moreover, “multicultural” also brings to most Koreans’ minds that sector of society that needs help and welfare. This skewed view of being “multicultural”, she said, must be changed. At some point, she advocated for diversity.

Ehwa with PIKO and Jasmine Lee_29 May 2013

After the talk, my Filipino friends went up to her for a photo op and a little chit-chat. They apparently knew her way before. And I can see that she knows what she’s talking about. She’s brimming with intelligence as well as a down-to-earth approach to people. Although she is already a naturalized Korean, I am still proud of her as a Filipina!

***FYI, Rep. Jasmin Lee is (correct me if I’m wrong!) the second naturalized Korean to hold a high government position in Korea. The first one was originally from Mongolia.