Seongju Life Culture Festival

Posted on May 22, 2013


Organic Geek

May 17, 2013

The long trip to Seongju–land of yummy melons and the resting place of the Placenta Jars of the Sons of King Sejong the Great–took almost five hours by bus. May 17 was a holiday, and a huge number of Seoul-lites had the same idea as us international students—road trip!!!

Arriving in Seongju a few minutes before 1:00PM made us feel famished. We were ready to eat anything. And everything on this table looked yummy! 행복마을 기사식당 prepaerd yummy dishes for us Korea Performance Supporters and our friends!

Among the banchan on the table, this was the most special. It’s pickled melons made from Seongju’s famous melons. The sweet-sour combo tickles one’s taste buds.

After lunch, we were given a special tour of 한개 Village by the village president himself. He made us pay special attention to how different the walls are on the right and on the…

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