Geeky Stuff I’ve Been Doing In Korea Part 2: Conference-hopping

Posted on May 12, 2013


Originally posted on Organic Geek:

I can’t get enough of learning. Classes seem to not be enough. And neither are museums (see previous post on “Geeky Stuff I’ve Been Doing in Korea Part 2: Museum-hopping“), which of course feed my relentless interest on 사극 (historical drama), 한국전통문화 (traditional Korean culture), and 전쟁 (war).

And so, I’ve gone to a place where serious graduate students go: conferences. And here in Korea, especially Seoul National University, there are many.

The first one I went to was right in my own backyard, of course: The Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) Symposium 2013: New Challenges for Korea in the Era of Global Changes. Two of my favorite professors in Korean Studies were here. As a graduate student, this was the equivalent of “K-pop fan-girling”.


And then there was the Distinguished Lecture in SNU by Microsoft founder Bill Gates on the Voice of Innovation last April 21. According to this…

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