Geeky Stuff I’ve Been Doing in Korea Part 1: Museum Hopping

Posted on May 4, 2013


Organic Geek

I’m currently spending the Spring semester in Seoul National University. Of course I’m studying as hard as I do in Thailand, but here, it’s a lot more fun. I read, I go to classes, and I supplement this geeky-ness with even more geeky-ness via (ta-daaah!) Seoul’s many museums on Korean history, society and culture. What’s even better is that these museums are for free!

The first museum I went to was the National Museum of Korea where I studied various aspects of Korean history and culture. My favorite, of course, is the section on Joseon Dynasty, where I had my fill of looking at various norigae (those colorful ornaments hanging beautifully on a hanbok) and hair accessories of the queen.

I also went to the War Memorial Museum of Korea, where I studied not just about the Korean War in the 1950s but various wars in ancient Korea as…

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