ASEAN-Korea Centre Weblog Correspondent

Posted on March 11, 2012


asean-korea centre blog

ASEAN-Korea Centre Blog screenshot. Watch for my blog contributions in this space!

It seems 2012 will be known in my memory as the year I got sucked into South Korea’s massive nation-branding and public relations machinery. Last December, I learned that I will be blogging for the Korea Blog from January to December 2012. It’s an activity that I enjoy doing since I’m writing about a country I’m quite fond of.

This week, I learned that I will be taking part in another Korea-related blogging gig, this time with the ASEAN-Korea Centre. I will be a weblog correspondent from March until August of this year. But unlike in the Korea Blog where I blog about things I learn about Korean culture through Korean TV dramas, my blogging gig at the ASEAN-Korea Centre will be more about writing good things about the Philippines–its culture, customs, colorful festivals, art, and glorious, fatty, sumptuous food!

I think my two blogging gigs strikes a good balance between showing Korea’s good side and showing my country’s good side. I like that it’s an even exchange. And I love how I’m in the middle of it, creatively showcasing what each country has to offer. I feel like I’m fulfilling my duty as a communicator.