My research paper is almost done…or is it?

Posted on February 26, 2012


So…I’ve gone through two drafts of my research paper and I’m waiting to see if my adviser (who’s also the Department Chair…yikes) will allow me to graduate this March. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I haven’t told you about my research topic, right?

I chose to do a paper on Hallyu, or the Korean Wave. Because I was fascinated with Nye’s idea of soft power, which isn’t exactly communication-related (it’s a Political Science concept), I had a hard time marrying communication theory with this. Until one day, my adviser allowed me to babble on what I like about Korean TV dramas, and his eyes said “Bingo!”…in my imagination, at least.In less than 30 minutes of my babbling, he was able to pinpoint which area of Korean TV drama I’d be most interested doing. Amazing, huh?

It happened when he asked me why I prefer TV dramas on the internet (the English subbed ones from sites like and not on local free TV (the ones dubbed in Tagalog). I told him it’s because I think the shows on the internet are better–I can relate more to the portrayals of women’s lives in the shows featured there. The ones on local free TV are too…cutesy.

And so, he led me to my research topic: Representations of women in Korean TV dramas and what Filipina working women think of them. That’s what I’ve been working on this whole semester.

I told my adviser that I’d like to graduate this March 2012 and that I’m ready to move heaven and earth to accomplish this. And I did. I think. But I suppose all my efforts will be put to waste if he thinks it’s not yet ready. Oh well. I’ll find out tomorrow morning when I see him.