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Posted on January 7, 2012


Photo of an old Korea bookstore

This is what an old Korean bookstore looks like. Photo taken by me when I went to the National Folk Museum of Korea.

Shortly before 2011 ended, I learned that I am beginning a new journey as a blogger and netizen. I’ve been blogging since 2003 and my online presence has undergone various reincarnations (i.e., I’ve had different blog sites, used various SNS, opened and closed accounts online, etc.). And now, I’ll be blogging about something I love–Asia. In particular, Korea, as part of Korea.Net’s Worldwide Korea Bloggers (WKB) program.

I saw the call for bloggers on the first week of December on their Facebook page. It was at the back of my mind for weeks, until I finally took the chance and applied a few days before the deadline. After which, I moved on to reading stuff for my Independent Study research thingie.

A few days after, I saw the announcement at The Korea Blog. It made my day. I have something big to do on 2012 and it’s something that I love.

Admittedly, what I found interesting about Korea before were the K-dramas. This was followed by their pop idols. After which, while channel-surfing on cable, I chanced upon KBS and Arirang which showed various aspects of the colorful Korean life and culture–a fascination reinforced by the all-too-familiar idols’ promotions of the Han Style. Since then, I’ve devoured whatever information I can about Korea.

So now I’m hooked. And I’m catching you along with it. =)

I’ll be blogging about Korea in my other blog,  But I’m writing about these thoughts here since my impressions about Korea are mediated at best because I’m living here in the Philippines. Even if I’ve traveled to Seoul last year for a short break, majority of what I know about Korea are based on images I see on TV, things I read from books, music I hear on the radio and information (visual, aural) I get from the internet.  So yeah, I’ll be writing about Korea from my mediated knowledge of it. As a student of Communication, I’m very curious as to where this activity will take me. Hwaiting!