M.A. Candidate

Posted on October 30, 2011


Someone’s officially a M.A. Communication candidate now.  I passed my comprehensive examinations, I found out last Saturday. This means I am one semester (hopefully) away from graduating on my target month of March 2012. =)

This is a bittersweet achievement, though, since I found out that of the five MA Com students who took the exam, only two students passed — me and another girl.

I know that I deserve this, though, having studied and prepared for comps as soon as my last subject for coursework was done. I started studying last March and went on with it until the day before my actual comprehensive exams. My study time was cut significantly around September because of work, and I knew that it was my responsibility. But thank God that I still managed to pass.

Now on to the next step: Choosing my topic for Independent Study.