Comprehensive Exams, Sept. 3 & 10

Posted on August 7, 2011


So…grad students taking the comprehensive exams had a briefing a few weeks ago. Judgement Day Comprehensive exams will be on September 3 and 10. That’s two Saturdays of torture fun!

September 3 is for the written exam. Around 7-10 questions will be given. From these, we have to choose 4. Each question is equivalent to 25 points. We must score at least 70 points to pass. Yikes.

A  tip given to us is to master 5 theories. The important thing is for our professors to see how we students assimilate all that we have learned into theories. Or that least that’s what’s written in my notes, hehe. =)

September 10 is for the oral exam. It’s supposed to be easier because it is freewheeling. Depending on our individual programs of study, questions can range from current events, popular trends, and films…or whatever.

Results will be given 2 weeks after September 10. Wish me luck!