Byline, byline everywhere! (Part 1: Lifestyle Asia Travel)

Posted on July 3, 2011


Lifestyle Asia Travel magazine cover page

It feels great to be travel writing again. Last Friday, I finally got around to picking up my complimentary copy of Lifestyle Asia Travel magazine where I wrote an article on Guimaras and Iloilo, two beautiful Philippine destinations. The former is known for its sweet and juicy mangoes and breathtaking beaches, while the latter is known for its cuisine, culture and churches.

My byline, plus photo credits

Seeing my byline in an essay that took some heart and honesty to write feels…how do I describe it…like I’m a real writer. The kind that I imagined myself to be when I was just a high school kid drooling over Ian Wright’s Lonely Planet adventures on TV.

My published photos at Lifestyle Asia Travel magazine

I submitted some photos to accompany the article, but didn’t expect to see four of them on the first two pages. I didn’t think they were good enough to be published. But I submitted them anyway, just in case they can’t find anything usable in my friend’s photo collection. So not only do I have  a byline, I now have photo credits, too! This gives me more confidence to let my inner travel photographer loose. =)

I’ll try my hand at travel photography again during my South Korea trip this month. After which, I’ll pitch my story. I have several ideas in mind. I hope I pull at least one of them off.

Here’s the remainder of my article. Thanks to my friend Christine Culibao for supplying her high resolution photos of Guimaras! Aaaand, thanks to Lifestyle Asia Travel’s assistant editor MC Martin for accommodating my article!

That’s our friend Xarra’s hand at the bottom, btw, kekeke!

Last 2 pages of my four-page article

Be sure to grab a copy of Lifestyle Asia Travel magazine!