David Choi and showmanship in the social media age

Posted on June 26, 2011


David Choi Youtube celebrity musician David Choi’s two-night concert on June 24 and 25 was not only a night of guitar music and pop songs. More than that, it was a fitting illustration of showmanship in the social media age. Or at least that’s how it seemed to this particular communicator (That would be me!).

In between singing and guitar-playing, the 25-year old David also:

  1. Tweeted to his internet fans. David is known to do something wacky and different in each concert. So using his iPad and the Wi-Fi connection in the concert venue, he connived with fans to “boo” at him on cue, which he then recorded and tweeted with the words “The best day of my life in the Philippines.” Responses flew in immediately, ranging from amusement from internet fans and laughter from concert-goers who are also connected on Twitter.
  2. Held a Twitter contest to concert-goers who can tweet the fastest. I forgot what he asked fans to tweet, but the winner got a signed David Choi poster.
  3. Vlogged.  At some point in the concert, he vlogged to his worldwide internet fans what’s happening at the concert, and even shot a video of audiences. And interestingly enough, this was very okay with the concert-goers and wasn’t construed as rude. Clearly, David’s divided attention was the norm.

And true to his roots in social media, David also sang songs about Facebook and Youtube.

As with most concerts, there was a lot of interaction with the audience. Music Museum was small enough to hold conversations with the audience and that’s exactly what happened. What’s interesting is that the interactions were both face-to-face in a fixed space and mediated through the internet, transcending time and space.

Moreover, unlike the Super Junior concert I went to last year and early this year where cameras were prohibited, David’s concert allowed the use of cameras, phones, iPads and other gadgets which allowed audiences to tweet and vlog like David did.

Despite the mediated communication in the middle of face-to-face interaction, though, David was still focused on performing and the audience was still enthralled and engaged.

All in all, a very interesting night of music and social media.

P.S. I’m not an avid David Choi fan but I still saw myself at the Music Museum last night with my sister. I went there because my sis needed someone to go with her. Oh, what big sister devotion I have, right?!?! Kekeke. =)