Stuff I’m working on at the office

Posted on May 15, 2011


It’s amazing how I can manage to work on multiple projects while:

  • Studying for my comprehensive exams in grad school
  • Reviewing what little Mandarin and Nihongo I know
  • Squeezing in some vacation time (It’s Bohol and Singapore for me this summer!)
  • Indulging in some serious Asian drama marathons
  • Shopping and bonding with my sis
  • Planning more upcoming vacations with family and friends
  • Other activities in between.

And here’s the stuff I’m working on as Communications Officer, on top of my routine tasks of media monitoring, social media management, writing and posting articles on the web and other communications materials, and attending meetings:

  • Website Development. We’re done pre-testing the survey we made, and it will be launched next week. After which, we will analyze and report the data, present it to the web team, and draft the necessary enhancements that will guide the web developers we’ll hire.
  • Guidebook for international students. I’m done with the text, the graphic artist is done with the layout, and the editor is done editing and proofreading. I just need to oversee an organized turnover to the office which made the job order to our office. After, it’s a wrap! After almost six months of researching, writing and revising!
  • Strategic planning for academic year 2011-2012. We should have done this earlier, but the boss got a bit sick for a while, among other reasons. I’ve had some plans brewing inside my head for a while, so even if the announcement for the strategic planning session was announced in a rather hurried way, at least I know what the general direction of my proposal is.
  • Media assistance to Confucius Institute at the Ateneo’s upcoming photo exhibit. I’m in charge of helping Confucius Institute draft the press release and invites to their exhibit this month. I’m also giving them recommendations on which media to tap and how.

So those are some of the things that are keeping me busy. I feel I’ll be needing to plan my breaks carefully so that I won’t feel burnout. I have to take care of myself after all. And of course, I’ll have to constantly remind myself why I’m working: I’m working to feed my hungers–for books, for entertainment, for food, for travel, for a home.