Comprehensive exams

Posted on May 7, 2011


On Facebook, fellow graduate students are talking about the recently concluded comprehensive exams for MA Communication students of Ateneo de Manila University–or part 1 of it, at least. I was not able register for it this summer due to some scheduling conflicts, so I hope to take it this September.

So how’s my personal review coming along?  I’m still reviewing Communication Theory and I must say I’m very much drawn to the Sociocultural tradition of Communication. I am also drawn to intercultural communication theories as well as group and organization theories. I have begun to see these theories in motion at work. It’s amazing how you begin to see mundane office events from the lens of communication theory, and how more systematic and deep the insights you generate become. At one point, I got teary-eyed at how beautiful these communication theories are, if you look at the bigger picture.

It’s a bit lonely to think with a graduate level mind, though, especially when almost all your colleagues don’t have the same background as you. You tend to feel misunderstood. You know your ideas make perfect sense, but there’s this feeling of frustration at how you yourself can determine and diagnose a certain situation, and others just don’t get it.

Anyhoo, after Communication theories, I will move on to Communication and Social Change, and then Communication Research. These are my core subjects. After, it’s Communication Problems and Issues and all the other subjects I took. I will come full circle when I review theories again just to refresh my mind at how everything I took is really connected with each other. Beautiful.