Our Ateneo Twitter account is an official news source…Yey!

Posted on January 16, 2011


While browsing through Ateneo-related news on Google Alerts this morning, I found this article at GMANews.TV about the release of the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) results. What made me jump for joy was that it cited the official Ateneo de Manila Twitter account, which I manage, as its main news source.

Ateneo entrance results released (GMANews.TV)

Applicants may now go to the ADMU website to confirm if they have passed the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET), the university said via a 2:21 p.m. tweet on its Twitter account.

A quick scan of re-tweets yesterday also informed me that Ces Drilon, a famous journalist, also re-tweeted Ateneo de Manila’s ACET announcement. I haven’t checked yet other journalists who may have re-tweeted the same announcement, as hundreds of Ateneans also re-tweeted, but it’s safe to say that journalists really are on the lookout for newsworthy items, even if it’s in a quiet university like ours.

So, as long as the item is newsworthy and of public interest, journalists will be sure to pick the story up and, in the social networking age, re-tweet it.

Now what’s a communicator like me to do? Make it easier for them to get to the info, that’s what!

After finding out about this good news, I wrote a quick email to my superiors with the following action point: Since our Twitter page is linked to our Facebook page,  I will be more conscious of putting the most important information at the first 140 characters of the announcement. That way, journalists can better judge the noteworthiness of the news. It will be easier for them to re-tweet it and/or write about it in their online news site and other channels they may have.

Because based from experience, what journalists and news sites usually re-tweet and feature from Ateneo’s Twitter account are announcements that have all the important info in the first 140 characters. I must be conscious of this when I update from our Facebook account.

In related news, my co-admin also told me a few days ago that other universities in the Philippines have followed our lead of maintaining social networks. I suppose they’re following our strategies and tactics, too. That’s well and good. Universities should help each other. And it’s nice to know that leading the pack–and the knowledge generation–is a core group of social networking advocates who are Blue Eagles.


UPDATE! It turns out Abs-CbnNEWS.com also cited our Ateneo Facebook and Twitter accounts as sources.

Ateneo releases entrance exam results (abs-cbnNEWS.com)

The AdMU, which is among the most prestigious universities in the Philippines, announced the results on its website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

“Congratulations to all the successful college freshman applicants for SY 2011-2012!,” the school said in a bulletin.

Moreover, our announcement was also re-tweeted by websites @ABSCBNNews, @ANCAlerts, @FemaleNetwork, and TV personalities @iamsuperbianca, @jeffcanoy, and @1rgcruz.