Communication Research

Posted on December 5, 2010


The class I’ve been dreading is finally here. I saved it for last since it’s reputed to be the hardest. Well, not just the subject itself but the teacher, too.

Sleepness nights, heavy workload and tight deadlines supposedly characterize this class. But so far, so good. I think that my weekly papers for my Environment, Culture and Society class and my long readings for my International Relations class in the past semesters prepared me for this.

But I’m worried, still. Failing this class would mean, first and foremost, that I might not be able to graduate on time. I set my sights on finishing everything by October 2011. A secondary concern would be the possibility of getting a B — I’m not used to that in grad school.

In truth, I’m really enjoying the required readings for Communication Research. It’s something I see myself happily doing in the academe or in some awesome think tank.

I’m actually toying with the idea of teaching, even if it’s part-time for now. Except that I’m not really sure what to teach. Or if I’m qualified to teach. Or, more importantly, if it’s my real passion, apart from writing.

So help me God.