On being a public relations professional

Posted on November 28, 2010


Sometimes I wonder how people can claim to want to be public relations professionals, and yet they can’t even manage to do the following:

  • Keep their cellphone batteries charged
  • Answer queries and messages in texts, phone calls, emails and social networks  ASAP, especially those that require disseminating fresh information fast
  • Think and act fast in providing possible solutions and actions, especially in averting crisis situations, or during actual crisis situations
  • Craft and discuss a solid crisis management protocol
  • Keep the people working under them informed  so these people can also act in an informed manner. Too often, people disseminate info to media men and women first before alerting their own employees
  • Read up on trends and new knowledge
  • Do quality research and planning before launching a project

And a lot more. There’s just too many to mention. But even as a newbie Communications and PR person, I’ve seen a lot of blunders from bosses, higher ups and fellow newbies who should know better.