Blog Revolution at Ateneo CCE

Posted on June 30, 2010


My boss recommended that I attend a Blog Marketing course at the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education (CCE) so I did.

Being the nerdy girl that I am, I’ve had a mild personal interest in the course ever since I saw it advertised in our company email group.

But since I’m already taking two classes this semester for my M.A. (International Relations and International Reporting–two cool inter-related subjects, if I may also add), I thought I’ll just register some other time.

Thank God my boss suggested it, though, because it enabled me to take the class for free!

I’ve been taking it online since Monday last week. The course ends Monday next week. The ideas presented are stuff I already know since I actively read articles about digital marketing daily.

What I do value about this class, however, was the wealth of experiences shared by Filipino digital marketing experts such as Janette Toral of, among others, during the half day face-to-face session of the two-week class.

Another thing I value was the time and the “push” it gave me to create a marketing brief that I hope will  be part of one of my department’s projects, and the varied viewpoints, comments and recommendations I received from my online classmates.

My proposed blog is a blog that will position the Ateneo Grade School (AGS) as the school of choice for moms seeking the best quality Jesuit education for their kids. Therefore, moms who have successfully enrolled their sons in AGS will be the bloggers. These mom bloggers will be the link between Ateneo moms and other parents who are still in the process of “school-shopping” for their sons (especially those in prep and grade 1), so this will be a very family-friendly blog which will bring online the offline community-feel of the AGS life.

I’ve received some very helpful comments from my classmates to help me refine my idea. For one, someone suggested that I include a section for dads (“Male Box” was the suggested section title) because dads play a big role in an Ateneo kid’s school life, too. This person even said that in a Pinoy golf site, there’s even a section specifically dedicated to AGS dads! Great, huh? I suppose the person who suggested this is an Ateneo dad himself. =)

Meanwhile, a former AGS mom expressed excitement over my proposed blog. From what she said, I am inclined to think that she can see herself and other moms interacting in this blog. She also expressed interest to be one of the bloggers.

But of course, my blog is just a proposal. But I do hope that my superiors will see some value in it and see it as an integral part of a solid strategic communication plan.