Posted on April 7, 2010


Part of being a communicator is mastery of language. In this age of globalization, it’s not just mastering a language but, increasingly, languages.

Filipinos are known to be bilingual. Our national language is Filipino, but we can also speak, read, and write in English quite well.

But being bilingual is not enough, we’re beginning to realize. Thus, the need to study other languages.

In my case, I chose Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese (Nihongo). I like Jap because I’m in love with the culture: the food, the music, the customs, the art. Same goes with Chinese. I am still not fluent in the two, though. Yet. But I hope to be.

I have been watching a lot of Japanese dramas the past few weeks. It’s my way of celebrating the end of the second semester. It’s also my way of resting before summer class starts. My favorites thus far: Otomen, Kimi Wa Petto, Nobuta Wo Produce, Atashinchi No Danshi, One Liter of Tears, and Futatsu No Spica.

Watching these Jap Dramas, I couldn’t help but notice recurring words that are familiar to me. I decided to list them down to help me remember more:

  • Chotto matte. (Wait!)
  • Daijoubu. (Are you okay?)
  • Iku. (Let’s go.)
  • Ohayou. (Good morning!)
  • Sugoi. (Brilliant!)
  • Suteki. (Nice!)
  • Daisuki. (I love you.)
  • Nani. (What?)
  • Nande. (Why?)
  • Arigato. (Thanks!)

I hope to learn and remember more as I progress.