Got my second semester grade in COM 257: Problems and Issues in Communication

Posted on April 3, 2010


Before the Holy Week, my teacher emailed me and my classmates our second semester grades for COM 257: Problems and Issues in Communication. I pretty much knew what grade I will get. It was easy-peasy to predict, given what grades I got from my papers, my midterm exams and my debate test.

In past semesters, this was a reason to celebrate. This semester, I just felt relieved. I just realized that I am a communicator, after all, and that communication problems and issues should be my expertise. It’s what I live and breathe. Getting the best grade, therefore, should be the norm. Dapat lang. Nothing special about that.

What I am worried about is my grade in my Environment, Culture and Society class. It’s an elective I took because I wanted to learn more about the environment from a cultural and social perspective. I took it because I wanted exposure to environmental, social and cultural ideas so that I can communicate it with more authority and credibility, starting with my other blog. In the process, not only did I gain knowledge but heart — love for “the other”, meaning, nature. I’m not sure how quantifiable that is in terms of school grades, though. That’s why I am worried. Grades are grades, but they’re important to me and my envisioned future. I did not flunk my papers and I did pretty well in class participations, but in this world, you never really know until it’s in black and white.