Notes on the Korean Film “Bandhobi (반두비, 2009)”

July 24, 2016



What it’s about: A love story between a Korean girl named Min Seo and a Bangladeshi boy named Karim. Min Seo is a rebellious and impulsive high school student, whereas Karim is a migrant factory worker in his 20s. It depicts the life of a migrant worker from a poor Asian country, as well as […]

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Notes on the Korean film “Spirits’ Homecoming (귀향)”

July 24, 2016



What it’s about: A film about young Korean girls who were forced by Japanese soldiers into sexual slavery in 1940s Korea, specifically during World War II. Known as “comfort women”, it’s one of the few films about the sensitive issues and experiences that these young Korean girls faced. How the story was told: Through links from […]

Thai National Research Council

September 26, 2015


thai national research council_screenshot

Surprising things turn up when you google yourself. Today, for example, I found this: It turns out that my thesis “Representations of Southeast Asian Wives Under the Korean Gaze” during my MA Korean Studies stint at Chulalongkorn University was included in the database of Thai National Research Council. How cool is that? A part of me […]

In 2.0 Magazine: Best Indoor Activities During Typhoon Season

August 2, 2015


My article, published in the print version of 2.0 Magazine, as well as the web version.

Web link here. PDF version here.

I’m Contributing Editor for 2.0 Magazine! (among my many other jobs/selves)

June 14, 2015


2.0 magazine. Also known as Second Opinion. It's a lifestyle magazine based in the Philippines, where I'm also contributing editor.

I just initially wanted to pitch one article about the changes in my TV viewing habits as a millennial: From free TV to cable and finally, to internet streaming. I was able to pitch it successfully. But soon, one article turned to one or two (and sometimes three!) submissions per month. It turns out I […]

Notes on “My Love, Don’t Cross that River” (님아, 그 강을 건너지 마오)

May 23, 2015


A scene as warm as summer.

1. “My Love, Don’t Cross That River (님아, 그 강을 건너지 마오)” is a South Korean documentary film by director Jin Mo-Young . It was first shown in 2014. 2. This documentary follows an old couple, known as the “100-year old lovebirds” in the rural part of Seoul. In this film, we witness their playful interactions and […]

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I’m on AsianTraveler magazine’s Gourmet Delights issue!

March 29, 2015


AsianTraveler magazine cover: Gourmet Delights issue 2015

I’m on AsianTraveler magazine’s Gourmet Delights 2015 issue. I wrote about a Japanese restaurant called Minami Saki, which is located at the Ortigas business district. I both loved eating the authentic Japanese creations by Chef Kimito Katagiri and recalling the yummy food I ate through writing. Here’s a picture of my magazine article. If you […]


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