My first formal teaching stint: A class on the Korean Wave

November 2, 2014


My first class as a faculty (part-time) at the Communication Department of Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines

I’ll start teaching part-time at the Communication Department of Ateneo de Manila University on the second semester of school year 2014-2015. Since my university hasn’t shifted to the new calendar that follows the international time frame yet, I start class this November. Class ends on March. I’ll be teaching a class called COM 110.13 Special […]

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Lessons learned from thesis editing

August 30, 2014


I have edited several theses for M.A. and Ph.D. students and it’s something I enjoy doing. I like being part of the research process in this way – helping shape research works to perfection…or near-perfection, as the case may be. Here are some things I learned along the way: 1. Near-perfect command of the English […]

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Michelle Camille Correa, M.A. Korean Studies

July 12, 2014


Chula Graduation 18

A breather from Korean cinema

March 23, 2014


Film director and lead actor discussing the film in tonight's Cinema Diverse at Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Tonight I took a breather from thesis writing (and consequently, Korean cinema) by watching a Sri Lankan film called “Between Two Worlds” at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. The film was a stark contrast to the Korean films I’ve been immersing myself into. What’s special about Korean films, especially for me, is how it […]

My first student radio experience!

March 17, 2014


Chula Student Radio

It turns out i can talk vividly and extensively about music in the Philippines. Monday last week, i was one of the guests at a student’s radio program project in Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. It was my first time to speak on radio, and it was fun! I knew the script beforehand (we ASEAN students […]

My Byline on Korea.Net!

March 8, 2014


notes from a prison journal

My byline finally made it to Korea.Net! ^^ *happy dance* Korea.Net is managed and maintained by the Korean Cultural and Information Service (KOCIS), the public relations arm of sorts of the South Korean government. I’ll be doing a series of e-book reviews in English. Watch for it! ^^ I start with Notes from a Prison […]

Ultra Korea 2013

June 26, 2013


Originally posted on Organic Geek:
Volunteer work + Dancing + Watching Koreans and Foreigners Go Crazy. June 14, 2013 at Jamsil Sports Complex. This is also my last assignment with Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) since I am back in Bangkok for more…studying. T.T Thanks for making my spring semester in Seoul a semester to remember,…


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